1. Core Concepts
  2. Ignoring Files and Directories
Core Concepts

Ignoring Files and Directories

Control what gets synced and deployed to Ampt environments

Ampt Ignore

To ignore files or directories entirely, you can specify them in an .amptignore file. .amptignore adheres to the same format as a .gitignore file:

.github .git

All entries within an .amptignore are never synced, or deployed, to any environments. This can be useful for ignoring artifacts that aren't used or referenced in your Ampt application, like a .git folder, for example.

Deploy Ignore

To specify files or directories that don't need to be included in a deploy's bundle, you can specify them in the same way within a .deployignore file. This can be useful for leaving out things like dev .json files, or SPA frontend source code:

src // React app test-data.json // @ampt/data seed file

Keep in mind, these files will still be synced, and accessible in an application's build step. Only during the package phase, they are ignored. This can help trim down an app's total bundle size, by leaving out code that is only needed during the build step.

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