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Pay-as-you-go pricing for every phase of your cloud development journey

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Get Started for Free
Build out those side projects without complicated configs or managing infrastructure
per month + AWS usage
Everything you need to build:
Single user
Includes THREE managed environments
Developer sandboxes with sub-second sync
Built-in CI/CD
Preview environments
Full stack JavaScript framework support
AWS region selection
Custom domain names
7-day log retention
Community Support
Additional Environments:
Up to 6: +$10/mo
Up to 9: +$20/mo
Up to 12: +$30/mo
Up to 15: +$40/mo
$5 in AWS credits
Deploy to Ampt-managed AWS accounts and only pay for what you use. (Includes a $5 USD usage credit every month)
Professional tools for development teams building sophisticated workloads on AWS
per month + AWS usage
Everything in Developer, plus:
Up to 15 team members included
Includes TEN managed environments
Password protected environments
Long-running tasks (> 5 mins)
Support for org-owned private Git repos
30-day log retention
Email support
Additional Environments:
Up to 25: +$50/mo
Up to 50: +$125/mo
Up to 75: +$175/mo
Up to 100: +$200/mo
Deploy to Ampt-managed AWS accounts and only pay for what you use, plus access higher limits, more resources, and up to 100 environments.
All the power of Ampt, deployed directly to your AWS accounts for ultimate flexibility
Starting at $500/mo
Everything in Team, plus:
Unlimited team members
Unlimited managed environments
Unlimited log retention
Ability to use AWS credits
24/7 security, cost, and performance monitoring
Slack/Phone/Email support
Implementation services
Customized Pricing
Deploy fully-managed workloads directly to your AWS accounts for maximum security, control, and compliance.

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