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Integrate with Nuxt to build full stack applications powered by Vue.js.

Ampt allows developers to integrate with their existing Nuxt applications.


Ampt currently supports Nuxt 3.x and above.

Install @ampt/nuxt in your project:

npm install @ampt/nuxt --save

or run this when you’re in the interactive shell:

install @ampt/nuxt

Add the ampt:dev and ampt:build scripts to configure how you start the development server inside interactive shell and how you build your application. You will need to update package.json file as follows:

  • add ampt:dev script for running the Nuxt dev server
  • add ampt:build script for running next build and ampt-nuxt-build
  • set main to index.js which will be the entrypoint for the server

This is an example of what your package.json should look like::

{ "name": "my-nuxt-app", "main": "index.js", "type": "module", "scripts": { "ampt:build": "nuxt build && ampt-nuxt-build", "ampt:dev": "nuxt dev", }, ... }

Add the ampt integration to your nuxt.config.js file:

// nuxt.config.js import withAmpt from "@ampt/nuxt"; export default defineNuxtConfig( withAmpt({ devtools: { enabled: true }, }) );

Nuxt uses nitro under the hood, which builds the server and client bundles separately. The withAmpt wrapper will persist your Nuxt config, only adding the necessary changes to enable Ampt.

The changes are as follows:

nitro: { preset: 'node', serveStatic: false }

If you have either of these set in your existing Nuxt/Nitro config, they will be overwritten.

Add the file index.js (or index.ts) to the root of your project, and add the following code:

// index.js import "@ampt/nuxt/server";

This add the Nuxt server to your application's entrypoint.

Start the interactive shell and run dev to start your development server

ampt dev

This will start the Nuxt dev server, and you can access your application at the outputted localhost url.

Run build in the interactive shell to create your build artifacts:


This will run the ampt:build script so your application will be available from the sandbox URL.

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