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Building your app

Build and deploy app bundles with Ampt.

Building your app

If you are using a SPA framework like React, Vue, or Svelte, you will need to build your app before deploying it with Ampt. You can use a build tool like Vite, Webpack, or Rollup to do this.

When deploying to a stage environment using the deploy command, or from a Git triggered deploy, Ampt's builder runs install, rebuild, and ampt:build (from your app's package.json scripts) to build your app. If you need to run additional build steps, you can add them to the ampt:build script in your package.json file.

{ "scripts": { "ampt:build": "vite build; echo 'Additional build steps here...'" } }

After your build is complete, a prune step is run to remove any unnecessary dependencies from your final bundle.

Depending on the detected package manager your app is using, the following commands are run:

Installnpm install --prefer-online --no-fund --no-audityarn installpnpm --shamefully-hoist i
Rebuildnpm rebuildyarn --forcepnpm rebuild
Prunenpm prune --production --no-audit --no-fundyarn --production --ignore-scripts --prefer-offlineno-op


PNPM uses shamefully-hoist to install all dependencies in the root of the project. This is to ensure that all dependencies are available at runtime. This is necessary because Ampt's builder does not support the node_modules symlink that PNPM uses by default.

To override any of these commands, you can add a ampt:build:install, ampt:build:rebuild, or ampt:build:prune script to your package.json file.

{ "scripts": { "ampt:build:install": "echo 'Custom install command here...'", "ampt:build:rebuild": "echo 'Custom rebuild command here...'", "ampt:build:prune": "echo 'Custom prune command here...'" } }

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