Product Update

Introducing WebSockets

Build real-time communication apps using Ampt's new built-in WebSockets interface.

As developers, we all know how challenging it can be to create real-time communication apps that require WebSockets. With Ampt, our mission is to make native cloud application development easy and configuration-free. Today, we're excited to announce that we've added this critical missing piece to our developer toolkit!

WebSockets on Ampt

With Ampt's new WebSockets interface, you can create real-time communication apps like chat, collaboration tools, and even online gaming services without setting up extra cloud resources or writing a bunch of complex configurations. It's all baked into our SDK, making it easy to implement with just a few lines of code.

Here's an example of how you can use WebSockets with Ampt: ‚Äč

// Import the WebSockets interface from the Ampt SDK import { ws } from '@ampt/sdk'; // Add a listener for new connections ws.on('connect', async (connectionId) => { // Send messages to connected clients await ws.send(connectionId, { message: 'Welcome to WebSockets on Ampt!', }); });

You can start using WebSockets without any extra configuration or waiting for cloud resources to deploy. Simply connect to your Ampt developer sandbox from your favorite IDE and WebSockets are ready to use. Check out our WebSockets documentation for more information, and be sure to try out our sample app to see WebSockets in action in a real life app.

At Ampt, we understand the value of your time and want to make your coding experience as smooth as possible. That's why we've included WebSockets as a first-class interface in our @ampt/sdk. There's no need to pre-configure or pre-define infrastructure to handle this new functionality. It's all there for you.

What's next for WebSockets on Ampt?

WebSockets on Ampt support a 1-to-1 connection between your app and the client. However, we're working on adding channeling capabilities so that multiple clients can subscribe and receive broadcast messages. We're always listening to user feedback to improve our product, so we're eager to hear about your use cases for this upcoming functionality.

Currently, WebSockets on Ampt only provide the low-level interface for managing connections. If you want to keep track of active connections and who they are associated with, you can use Ampt's built-in data interface. Details on this are available in the WebSockets documentation. In the future, we plan to implement a feature that will manage active connections for you.

What will you build with WebSockets?

We're thrilled to deliver WebSockets to help developers unlock real-time communication apps on Ampt. Our team is committed to making Ampt more and more capable, allowing developers to build, deploy, and manage native cloud applications with zero friction. Sign up to start building with Ampt now! You can also stay up to date by joining our community on Discord!

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