Introducing GitHub Integration


Software deployment styles vary across teams. Some utilize intricate CI/CD processes and manual checks, while others prefer continuous, small-scale deployments coupled with integration tests. Ampt has been catering to these various styles with our user-friendly CLI interface, enabling developers to establish their own custom workflows. Today, we're excited to introduce integrated GitHub deployments. This feature allows developers to connect their private and public repos, automatically generate preview stages on pull requests, and trigger stage deployments on pushes to branches.

Git Integration Settings
Set up Git Integrations under the App Settings

How Does GitHub Integration Work?

Integrating Ampt with GitHub is easy. Use our dashboard to install the Ampt GitHub app in your account and select the repositories you want to integrate. You can then link those repositories to your Ampt apps. This integration allows you to:

  • Generate preview environments for each pull request: Select your repo's target branch and Ampt will create a preview environment for every pull request. This is extremely useful for reviewing and testing changes in isolated environments before merging code.
  • Enable automatic deployments when code is pushed to a branch: Associate a branch with a permanent environment and Ampt will automatically trigger a deployment whenever code is pushed or merged to that branch.

Push to Deploy
Automatically deploy your application when changed are pushed

Once your repository and application are connected, you can also disable deployments outside of your GitHub workflows to ensure all deployments go through the proper review process. For more information, refer to our GitHub integration documentation.

What's next for Ampt?

We're super excited about the new GitHub integration and have lots of additional updates planned. If you're interested in trying out Ampt, please sign up for our waitlist. We're letting in new batches of beta users every week. You can also follow along with updates on our changelog and join our community on Discord!

Ampt is in private beta. Join the waitlist to get updates and early access.