Customer Story

Modernizing Manufacturing: How FACTUREE is Revolutionizing Supplier Management

Ampt enables FACTUREE to focus on delivering customer value instead of wasting time worrying about infrastructure setup and management.

Industry: Manufacturing

Use Case: Removing cloud resources management and optimization problems by switching to self-provisioning infrastructure.


  • FACTUREE seamlessly integrated Ampt into their existing systems to develop a modern supplier dashboard, eliminating the need to manage complex infrastructure.
  • By adopting Ampt, FACTUREE overcame performance challenges, leveraging a lightweight, scalable system that ensured efficiency and reliability without the need for DevOps expertise.
  • The onboarding process for new engineers was significantly reduced from 2-3 days to a couple of minutes, greatly enhancing team productivity and project velocity.
  • FACTUREE was able to rely on Ampt for a robust, serverless infrastructure backed by AWS, providing peace of mind for FACTUREE’s small development team.

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency and agility are not just goals, they’re necessities. FACTUREE, an online manufacturer based in Germany, stands as a testament to this. Specializing in connecting customers with over 2,000 manufacturing partners for custom parts production, FACTUREE has redefined supply chain management. However, their journey has not been without its challenges, especially in the realm of software development for their supplier dashboard, a crucial component of their business operations.

Challenge: Deployment Hurdles Hampering Delivery Speed

With a small yet talented team of engineers who manage over 30 microservices in various programming languages, FACTUREE faced significant hurdles keeping their applications operating efficiently. When the time came to modernize their supplier dashboard, used by more than 2,000 suppliers, they knew a change was needed. The goal was clear: find a solution that saves time onboarding new engineers, resolves production bugs swiftly, and deploys new features quickly.

Christopher Walzel, CTO of FACTUREE, searched for a serverless solution that would streamline their operations without the complexities and time-consuming setup we’ve become accustomed to. With years of experience building serverless systems on AWS, he knew the traditional approach of manually setting up accounts, writing complex IaC templates, configuring IAM permissions, and automating deployment pipelines, would require a major time investment before even starting the implementation of the supplier dashboard.

His search led him to Ampt. Impressed by the promise of simplified development and automated cloud environment management, FACTUREE decided to utilize Ampt to deliver their new supplier dashboard. And though they had already started to build using Next.js, FACTUREE was able to seamlessly integrate Ampt into their existing workflow.

Peace of Mind with Ampt

Building the application was straightforward for FACTUREE’s talented team. They implemented the supplier dashboard using Next.js and easily integrated it with Ampt’s powerful cloud libraries. The application extensively uses the Ampt’ SDK’s task, storage, and events interfaces and Ampt’s Data module to provide the best experience for their suppliers. These built-in integrations allowed them to focus purely on application development, free from the concerns of the underlying infrastructure running on AWS.

One of the most significant improvements was in system performance. The default serverless nature of Ampt provided a scalable and always available system with no need for dedicated DevOps expertise. For a small team, this was a game-changer, offering peace of mind and reliability. The team now feels much more confident hiring a new engineer or short-term contractors as their application stack is free from complex config files. The onboarding process for new engineers was drastically reduced from days to minutes, boosting productivity and project momentum.

Integrating Ampt has brought unparalleled peace of mind to our development process at FACTUREE. It dramatically reduced our onboarding time for new engineers, transforming what used to be a multi-day process into just minutes. This shift has not only accelerated our workflow but also allowed us to concentrate fully on innovation without infrastructure worries.
— Christopher Walzel, CTO at FACTUREE

Looking Ahead – Migrating More and More Services to Ampt!

FACTUREE's journey with Ampt is a clear illustration of how the right technological partnership can streamline operations, enhance scalability, and boost team productivity. The ability to rapidly onboard new engineers and deploy features has positioned FACTUREE at the forefront of innovation in the manufacturing sector. Christopher and the team already migrated their existing JavaScript-based applications to Ampt and plan to rewrite and migrate their Golang and Python applications next.

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